My Bloody Valentine Loveless Tribute Album

Electric Muse is currently producing an album called Loveless Tribute which will be released only in Japan by label Ultra-Vibe on March 7th and on iTunes. It is a compilation featuring eleven different artists each covering one of the eleven songs on legendary shoegazer band My Bloody Valentine‘s twenty year old album Loveless.

Already today came full samples of Vidulgi OoyoO covering “Only Shallow” and LoOm covering “Soon”. With the release of the compilation we can also look forward to Sunkyeol covering “Touched”, ninaian covering “Come In Alone” and Sei &Swann covering “To Here Knows When” as well as yet to be named songs from Jowall, Big Baby Driver and Denci Hinji.

Here are the samples in question:


Sources: Electric Muse,

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