More Octave Soul Releases in Japan on the Way

A month ago we had a look at some Korean indie albums re-released in Japan by Octave Soul. Another look at today shows that more albums have been scheduled for release this spring.

Added to the list of albums coming out already on February 8th is YaYa‘s first full-length album, 曲芸 (곡예), released in Korea in September 2011.

Also in February, on the 22nd, Octave Soul brings out 弘大Kafe ~ハングル・ボッサ~ (Hongdae Kafe), produced by Sugar Coating and meant to provide the same kind of background music that gives Hongdae cafés their special atmosphere. From the look of the tracklist it seems like a re-worked version of Sugar Coating’s first full-length album, Song For You from 2008, with the addition of new titles “Killing Me Softly with his song”, “Desperado”, “Creep” and “Let it be”.

Coming up on March 21st, only two releases are listed on so far:
Daydream: A Land of April (2008)
Sentimental Scenery: There Is Nowhere Else In This World (2012)

For April 4th currently three releases are listed:
Galaxy Express: Noise On Fire (2008)
– Galaxy Express: Wild Days (2010)
Loro’s: Pax (2008)


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