K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.01.29~2012.02.04

Three entries out and only two new indie related entries on Gaon’s total Korean digital chart was the result when the latest edition was presented today. Both of the new songs are related to Yoon Jong Shin, and Cho Jung Chi  has been involved in both as well.

11. 10cm – 애상 (-6)
84. Yoon Jong Shin – 그리움 축제 (feat. Horan) (new)
126. Verbal Jint – 좋아보여 (feat. The Black Skirts) (-23)
159. Kim Ji Soo & Taru – 더 좋아 (-77)
182. Chang Kiha & The Faces – 풍문으로 들었소 (-55)
193. Shinchireem – 모르는 번호 (new)

Source: Gaon

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