Jeong Jik Han Melody Release First EP after Top Band Audition

Jeong Jik Han Melody (lit. ‘Honesty Melody’) will release their first digital mini album, 웃어봐요, on February 14th. It includes both titles from the trio’s first digital single, 아이고 좋아라 from 2009, as well as “똥골게” from the digital single with the same name, also from 2009. Jeon Jik Han Melody auditioned for the first season of Top Band performing the song “웃어 봐요”, but did not make it to the second qualification round.

Here is Jeong Jik Han Melody’s Top Band audition clip:


And here is a performance from September of mini album track “가족 블루스”:


Sources: Digitalrecord’s blog; maniadb

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