Fortune Cookie’s Yoo Heejong Makes New Music on Jeju-do

A few years ago Fortune Cookie‘s Yoo Heejong escaped from Seoul and headed over to Jeju-do where his Fortune Cookie colleague Hong Boram was already located.
Leaving Seoul by no means left leaving music behind, instead he found inspiration by the sea and worked together with local friends for a year and a half producing what would become the 5 Days Market Project–an EP released on December 21st.

In addition to the EP itself, the six songs included will all be presented with videos filmed at a location that the song in question has a special relationship to. Plans for a next chapter of this project is already being made. Today the video for “Over & Gone” was released, meaning there should only be one video left to go before the first chapter is concluded.


Carolyn Hulsey & Ollie Jones with “Spring Song” + Hong Boram with “아무것도 하지 않는 시간” (“Time For Doing Nothing”)



Jenna Collie with “Station” + Double U with “소년과 바다” (“The Boy and The Sea”)



Learn more on 5 Days Market Project and Yoo Heejong through this interview with Jeju Weekly.

Sources: Luova Music; 5 Days Market Project’s Facebook page; maniadb

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