Gaon Digital Sales Chart week 7, 2012

Those that know their K-pop history may be familiar with Park Jiyoon since her idol days, but a few years ago she turned towards singer-songwriter path. It started with her seventh full-length album and continued on her eighth full-length album, where she’s been assisted by Asher Park and members from No Reply and Dear Cloud. As you can gather from the below the album in question has been quite successful on the latest Korean digital chart from Gaon.

k-indie @ Gaon Digital Chart – February 18, 2012
16. Two MonthsThe Romantic [MV]
18. 10cm – 애상 [MV]
50. Park Jiyoon – 나무가 되는 꿈 [MV]
97. TaruSummer Day
123. Verbal Jint – 좋아보여 (feat. The Black Skirts) [MV]
135. Park Jiyoon – 그럴꺼야
152. Park Jiyoon – 고백
160. Park Jiyoon – 그땐
161. Park Jiyoon – 오후
162. CaskerNew World [MV]
165. OK Punk!Not The End [MV]
170. Park Jiyoon – 사랑하지 않아
179. Park Jiyoon – 너에게 가는 길
186. Park Jiyoon – 그 날들처럼
191. Shinchireem – 퇴근길 [MV]
193. Park JiyoonQuiet Dream
197. 10cm – 사랑은 은하수 다방에서
200. Park Jiyoon – 별

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