Jaurim Coming to LA with I Am A Singer Big 4

Touted as the longest running intact Korean indie band, Jaurim were a huge success on super popular show I Am A Singer (나는 가수다) becoming the third act to “graduate” after making it through seven rounds (21 episodes) of competition against what used to be some of the biggest names in Korean music.

I Am A Singer is on a season break right now, but four artists that were previously on the show–Kim Jo Han, Jang Hye Jin, Vibe and Jaurim–are headed to Los Angeles for the Big 4: I Am A Singer concert held on March 9th. If you’re in town and want a ticket, ClumpRoll has all the info.

Former Solid member Kim Jo Han only made it three rounds before being eliminated, whereas ballad songstress Jang Hye Jin was eliminated during what could’ve been her graduation round. Vibe member Yoon Min Soo appeared on the show alone and was the latest contestant to graduate.

Source: ClumpRoll

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