Seoulsonic 2K12 North America Tour Dates

The dates for the Seoulsonic 2K12 North America tour have been floating around various ticket sites for a while now, but we’ve patiently awaited a press release to make sure it’s all official and we don’t miss anything. With only a couple of weeks left we have yet to receive any sort of official info, but today Seoulsonic finally published the dates on the blog. Here’s where you’ll be able to catch 3rd Line Butterfly, Crying Nut and Yellow Monsters live during the next month and a half:

March 11: San Francisco, CA – Cafe Du Nord
March 13: Austin, TX – Rich Carlton
March 16: Austin, TX – SXSW Official Showcase
March 22: Toronto, ON – CMW Official Showcase
March 29: Brooklyn, NY – Pianos
March 30: Williamsburg, NY – 285 Kent Avenue
April 1: San Diego, CA – Tin Can Alehouse
April 5: Los Angeles, CA – Viper Room

A week ago Yellow Monsters posted the tour dates on Twitter, though listing another date for the CMW showcase. It looks like the Seoulsonic bands have yet to be added to the CMW schedule, but for now for now we can assume that the date presented on the Seoulsonic blog will be the correct one.

Update 2012-02-27: No Seoulsonic bands will be playing at German Free School on the 16th.

Sources: Seoulsonic’s blog; Yellow Monsters official Twitter

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