Achime Record Second Album, Release Rebuild Version of First

Achime just started recording their second full-length album, but they have another album coming out already on February 21st. It is a ‘rebuild’ version of the band’s first full-length album Hunch, first released in 2010 and since sold out. What exactly the rebuild version entails I cannot say, but at least it has new cover art.

Here’s a trailer for the new version:


For more Achime, here’s the music video for “맞은편 미래” from around the same time as the first album:


Achime made their first official release with single 거짓말 꽃 in 2009. The song with the same name is included on Hunch too, but here’s what it sounded like at first:

Sources: Achime official Twitter; Hyang Music

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