Vodka Rain Bassist Ju Yoon Ha Releases Solo Album

Ju Yoon Ha, bassist of Vodka Rain, released his first solo album on January 26th. It is called On The Way Home and was preceded by two digital singles; Hate, released end of November; and 집으로, released mid-December. Both singles contained one song each, but only “집으로” seems to have made it to the album.

For the album Ju Yoon Ha invited a few guests. Symmetry‘s male vocalist Kim Taeyoon provides support on “지나간 얘기” whereas Hee Kyung Na is featured on “푸른봄:靑春” and Youngjoo Song is featured on album closing track “집으로 of 휘파람”, the latter two artists both nominated for Korean Music Awards this year.

To hear what Ju Yoon Ha sounds like on his own, here’s the music video for “Hate”:


Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb

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