Self-titled EP from Project Band Goodmorning Heaven

On January 10th, Goodmorning Heaven will reveal its first EP, Goodmorning Heaven, including the song “Goodmorning Heaven” and an instrumental version of the same. Introducing a bit more variety, the second song on the EP is called “아프고 아팠던” and a piece of it can be sampled alongside the title track via Soundholic Entertainment.

Goodmorning Heaven is a project band fronted by vocalist Sangmi, who is already under Soundholic management. Her former band Ex were the winners of the 29th edition of the MBC University Song Festival, held 2005, and in addition to singing she’s also starred in 2010 movie Alien Band (에일리언 밴드). Other members of the band include Daybreak guitarist Jung Yujong and Jieun & The Wolves bassist Park Soon Chul as well as Jo Joon Yong that was previously the keyboardist for JeJe, where Park Soon Chul too was once a member.

Source: Soundholic Entertainment; maniadb

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