Mini-Interview with Galaxy Express

We had already hinted as much in the info on Galaxy Express for the January edition of Music Alliance Pact, but this also saw the official announcement that they’ll be playing SXSW 2012. It’ll be the second time for Galaxy playing this huge festival in Austin, Texas, and while in the country they’ll do a bit of touring as well. Galaxy Express guitarist Jonghyun Park took the time to introduce the band and share some details on their return to the States.

What is Galaxy Express?

Galaxy Express are three wild, rock ‘n’ roll loving humans from Seoul, South Korea. We formed in 2006 and have had the chance to play throughout South Korea and also in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Canada, and the United States. We’ll be touring the United States again in March to perform at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Our dream is to travel across the galaxy with our rock ‘n’ roll music!

Why did you decide to come back to the US?

We had a fantastic time touring North America during the spring of 2011. We met so many wonderful people in all the places we visited: Toronto, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, and especially in Austin during the SXSW music festival. We decided in the middle of last year’s tour that we needed to return to the United States in 2012 for more shows.

Rock ‘n’ roll music originated in the United States so it was a really special experience for us to perform there. This year we want to try and dig deeper into the roots of our beloved musical style. And we’re really excited to teach more people about the great indie music that is being made in South Korea.

We’re really excited to play at SXSW again. There’s an amazing energy on the streets of Austin during SXSW. Everywhere you go downtown, there’s music being played by talented bands from all over the world. We want to share our Korean spirit, passion, and energy with everyone and make lots of new friends. We’re happy that we’ll get to see the friends we made at last year’s SXSW again too.

What are you going to bring to the States this time around?

We’re going to bring sweaty, high energy performances and a whole lot of rock ‘n’ roll attitude! We’re also going to bring hearty appetites. We can’t wait to eat lots of tacos and as much Texas BBQ as we can.

And of course, we’ll be bringing lots of merchandise too. We’re designing new Galaxy Express t-shirts and stickers right now. We’ll have copies of our newly remastered Noise on Fire double album as well. We’re also trying to think of some other cool things to bring with us.

How are you preparing yourselves right now?

Since returning from our 2011 North American gigs we’ve been working hard and saving money in preparation for our March tour. This time we’re going to spend two weeks in the United States. Now we’re scheduling some gigs in other American cities for after SXSW. The next several weeks are going to be really busy with getting everything organized for SXSW and our other USA gigs. It’s fun work, though. We’re starting to write new songs too. We hope we can debut some of them during our USA concerts.

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