Galaxy Express & Seoulsonic Bands on SXSW 2012 Schedule

The schedules for SXSW 2012 came live today and no less than four Korean bands were included among the showcases.

Just like last year, there’ll be a Seoulsonic North America tour and just like then the tour will also drop by Austin, Texas in March for the festival. The bands travelling under the Seoulsonic banner this year are 3rd Line Butterfly, Crying Nut and Yellow Monsters.

On SXSW with Seoulsonic last year were Galaxy Express, that enjoyed it so much they’re coming back a second time on their own. The latest edition of Music Alliance Pact, where Korean Indie will present a South Korean song to the world every month, features Galaxy Express’ “지나고 나면 언제나 좋았어”.

Source: SXSW official blog

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