K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.01.15~2012.01.21

The Gaon charts are usually published on Thursdays, but with the Lunar New Year holiday and all this week they were delayed till today. This week sees more climbing than falling compared to last week for the indie acts on the Korean Total Digital Chart:

3. 10cm – “애상” (+1)
60. Kim Ji Soo & Taru – “더 좋아” (new)
61. Chang Kiha & The Faces – “풍문으로 들었소” (+36)
91. Clazzi – “Love & Hate” (with Yi Sung Yol, MYK) (new)
106. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (+12)
115. Eye To Eye – “창문 너머 어렴풋이 옛 생각이 나겠지요” (new)
163. Acoustic Collabo – “그대와 나, 설레임” (+6)
165. Jaurim – “하루” (-44)
183. Leessang – “TV를 껐네…” (feat. Yoon Mirae, Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm) (-7)
197. OK Punk! – “Ugly” (new)

Again, if you think more artists should’ve been included on this list, or perhaps that some don’t belong please let us know and we’ll take that into consideration for next week.

Near half of the songs listed above are newcomers on the chart, with Kim Ji Soo and Taru’s duet track reaching closest to the top. Taru has had a few popular songs in the past, but with Kim Ji Soo’s history on Super Star K2 his new songs usually attract attention too. Here the two can be seen participating in a video interview in Korean with Bugs, with the song playing in the background:


Clazzi’s first solo album, Infant received a good reception among Korean music fans on Twitter so it was no surprise to find the first song to be promoted from the album on the chart. Not just the song but the music video too sees Clazzi’s label mate Yi Sung Yol featured:


Eye To Eye’s and Park Ju Won‘s Sanullim remake got a somewhat better reception than has been the case for most of the previous singles.

Although released last Friday, leaving only two days to gather sales towards this chart, TV band OK Punk! managed to break the TOP 200 with their 2NE1 cover. It has yet to receive any coverage to speak of on the big English language k-pop blogs, but with the band’s special performance on yesterday’s M! Countdown that may be about to change. Reactions from international k-pop fans so far include concerns over the vocals, but are largely positive towards the band itself.


Source: Gaon

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