OK Punk Cover 2NE1 for First Single

In December news came about a new reality TV show on Mnet where actress Kim Ok Vin formed a band with Hongdae musicians for OK Punk (김옥빈의 오케이 펑크). With Kim Ok Vin providing the vocals, the all star band backing her up consists of GoGo Star vocalist Lee Tae Sun (bass), Devin of N.EX.T and Dr.Core911 (guitar), The KOXX vocalist Hyunsong (guitar), Toxic‘s Kim Seul Ong (drums) and Kim Hyun Woo of Dick Punks (keyboard).

The band’s first digital single was released January 20th and is a cover of 2NE1‘s “Ugly“. No music video has been released yet, but the band performed the song and a few more at the press conference preceding the release:


CJ E&M enewsWorld has an article from the press release in question, where the members talked about their experiences on the show: ‘OK Punk’ Turns 2NE1′s ′Ugly′ into Punk Rock

OK Punk airs on Mnet every Thursday at 9 PM. Check out Mnet’s OK Punk playlist for clips related to the show.

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