Japan Release of Deli Spice’s Open Your Eyes

Since the release of seventh full-length album Open Your Eyes the popularity of Deli Spice has been growing in Japan. There have been demands for an album from the band to be released in the country, leading to a Japan Special Package version of Open Your Eyes coming out on February 8th. Making this special package special are the two bonus live tracks, “チャウチャウ” (“챠우챠우”) and “告白” (“고백”).

A day after the album release Deli Spice will hit the stage in Tokyo for Seoul-Tokyo Sound Bridge Vol.3, a concert series that for each volume has a new set of Japanese and Korean artists perform in both Seoul and Tokyo. The other Korean band in the line-up this time is Goonamguayeoridingstella.

When Open Your Eyes was released in Korea it had been appointed two main tracks, but only “슬픔이여 안녕” got a music video:


“챠우챠우” and “고백” can both be counted to the most classic of Deli Spice songs.



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