Sweet Sorrow feature Lucid Fall, Oh Ji Eun, Jung Joon Il, Peppertones

Vocal group Sweet Sorrow will release their third full length album, Viva, on December 31st. Willing to share the spotlight with others the quartet has featured a number of guest vocalists for the album, among them Lucid Fall who participates on the song “노래할게”. Also featured on the album, for bonus track “좋겠다”, are Oh Ji Eun, Jung Joon Il and Peppertones.

The album was preceded by two digital singles holding two songs each, released end of 2011, all of which are included on the album. The first of the two singles, Sweet Sorrow 3 Part 1, came with a track called “첫 데이트” which has been co-arranged with Peppertones’ Sayo. The song in question already has a music video:


Sources: Hyang Music, maniadb

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