Shin Hye Sung does Modern Rock

Today, December 27th, Shinhwa‘s Shin Hye Sung released a special album called embrace. Rather than his usual ballads, this time around the old time k-pop idol is offering a set of seven modern rock songs all crafted by Mate vocalist Lim Heon Il.

In addition to Lim Heon Il, another few names familiar from the indie scene helped out in the making. Lim Heon Il himself played the guitar and Yang Shi Eun of Walrus played the bass and contributed with a bit of chorus for all songs on the album. Together the two are also responsible for the arrangement of all songs, with Asher Park supporting with string arrangements and conducting the string ensemble. As if that wasn’t enough, Dear Cloud‘s Kim Jeong Ah has played the piano for all but two of the songs on the album.

Sample main track “돌아와줘” in this brief spot advertising the album:

Lyrics for the songs can be found on the official Shin Hye Sung special album blog.

Source: Shin Hye Sung official Facebook

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