I Am a Singer 7th round singles

Another round of I Am A Singer (나는 가수다) has come to an end and with Jaurim still in the competition this means two new covers from the band have been made available through the digital singles that are released after each competition round.

The episode that aired on September 18 was one where the artists had all gotten to pick their own songs freely. Jaurim had picked Siinkwa Chonjang‘s 80s folk song 가시나무 and turned it into a beautiful Jaurim sounding song available on <나는 가수다> 경연 9-1. ‘가수들이 부르고 싶은 노래’ since September 18.

Today’s episode was a Cho Yong Pil special with all artists performing songs from the “eternal idol”. Jaurim ended up performing and as could be expected the result was also released today, October 2, on a digital release with the title <나는 가수다> 경연 9-2 ‘조용필 스페셜’.

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