Past Releases: June

As I mentioned yesterday, I still have a bit of catching up to do since my less active period before the summer. Here’s some of what I should’ve written about in June:

Je-Seok - AbandonedNinano Nanda x Bagagee - Time MachineYamagata Tweakster (야마가따 트윅스터) - 원뿔
A name perhaps most familiar from the BoA cover project Model B, Je-Seok released an EP called Abandoned via Bandcamp on June 9. Je-Seok has a voice resembling that of eAeon and his sound is reminiscent of what Mot sounds like when going a bit experimental.

Electronic traditional Korean music crossover act Ninano Nanda has worked together with producer Bagagee=Viphex13 for a digital single called Time Machine, released June 15. The intention for the single is to be “a deep and constructive approach to the past, future, and present of Korea’s electronic music and EDM (electronic dance music)” and the trio has made plans for world-wide promotion. Listen to Bagagee Viphex13’s remixes on SoundCloud. Watch the trailer and learn more on all tracks on Vimeo.

Quirky synth-pop act Yamagata Tweakster released first full length album Won VVool (원뿔) on June 11. Check out the album trailer here. The CD also comes with a bonus DVD, including music videos for Somewhere Underground Tonight, 패잔병 철모에 먼지 쌓여가지고 일사후퇴, and 男女七歲不同席 (남녀칠세부동석).

강성모 - Pressure이율구 - In Spring
Experimental electronica artist Kang Sung Mo released his first single, Pressure, on June 20. It is available both online and on CD. In addition to the title track it comes with a demo version of a song called Life Goes On.

Lee Ryul Goo ended up second place in the 10th edition of the Yoo Jaeha Music Competition and has been working on a few soundtracks throughout the years, but it was not until June 26 that his first solo release came; digital single In Spring. Check out the music video for single main track 안녕 봄아 here.

토다 (Toda) - Toda (T.O. TO DREAM AGE)도노반 (Donovan) - 행성사이로
Busan based crossover rock band Toda debuted with the release of EP Toda (T.O. To Dream Age) on June 7. Among the eight members is a violin player and two of the members have been schooled in traditional Korean music, playing piri and haegeum respectively. If I’m reading the album info right the 에어 (Air) on the tracklist is a free jazz version of the wellknown Bach piece.

Daegu based folk/rock band Donovan released the album 행성사이로 on June 14. It’s the first the band has had to offer in six years, and it appears the band members have drawn inspiration from Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, and Matt Costa when crafting their “stories”.

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