Catching up on HeeNain

팻두 & 히나인 - 팻두천사와 히나인요정의 이야기나라
I lost track of (then) jazz pop/electronica act HeeNain a few years ago, but have had a note to write about her again since the release of the Fatdoo & Heenain project album, 팻두천사와 히나인요정의 이야기나라, showed up on YesAsia (which I now see dates all the way back to December – I still have some catching up to do…). It appears nowadays Heenain has taken a turn towards the more straightforward singer/songwriter path and even contributed an acoustic remix for album track 작은별. . Check out the music video for 아기오리의 첫 비행 here; the music video for 죽은 친구와의 전화 here; and the video to go with the Heenain version of 작은별 here.

히나인 - 1, 2, 3히나인 - The Acoustic1SaGain feat. 히나인 - RH- 8th '이젠 지쳤어.. '
This year HeeNain has been working a lot with pop-rap guy 1sagain. He co-wrote the songs with HeeNain both for digital single 1,2,3, released May 20, and digital single The Acoustic, released July 18. For the first single she featured 1sagain on the track U Got Me and for the second he was featured on the track Loving You. Tomorrow, September 16, time has come for 1sagain to release a digital single called RH- 8th ‘이젠 지쳤어.. where HeeNain is the one featured instead for the song with the same name.

HeeNain’s YouTube channel offers plenty of videos to go with her music. There are the music videos for The Acoustic tracks Loving You and 1,2,3 (piano version). The music video for 1,2,3 was spotted by allkpop: Indie artist Heenain releases sweet MV for “1,2,3″; and, albeit from a different channel, allkpop spotting the music video for 이젠 지쳤어.. is what reminded me of writing this post: 1sagain & Heenain reveal poignant MV for “Sick of it all”.

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