Upcoming releases, week 32

If things have seen a bit slow when it comes to Korean music that past couple of weeks that’s because it has been. And will be for another week, this being vacation times in Korea. Nevertheless, here’s a couple of releases not previously mentioned that’ll be out very soon.

July 8:
사이 (Sai) - 유기농펑크포크
Singer/songwriter Sai is about to release an album called 유기농펑크포크. He debuted with album 아방가르드 in September 2010 and followed it with the song 아빠 말 for MBC’s Jo Eun Ji’s Family (조은지 패밀리), a song that on the new album appears to have gotten a counterpart in 엄마 말. Hyang Music offers a brief sample of song 귀농통문. To hear more of Sai’s “organic punk folk” check out this clip from KBS music documentary 서울의 달밤 where he plays 힘내요 노량진박.

July 12:

As mentioned earlier Jaurim have planned to release a new full length album in September. Already this Friday we’ll be able to hear two of the new songs online, presumably released as a digital single, as pointed out by reader Fabien Schneieder.

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