A couple of hip hop releases

리쌍 7집 - 아수라발발타
Hiphop duo LeeSsang will soon release a new full length album, and like last time they’ve been working with some names likely to be familiar to readers of this blog. A first digital single for the song TV를 껐네…, featuring 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol as well as Yoon Mi Rae was released on August 16.

The full album, AsuRa BalBalTa, gets a CD release on August 23 and in addition to TV를 껐네… among other tracks there’s 죽기 전에 날아야 사는 새 featuring rocker Kang San-eh, 세레나데 where reggae act Windy City participates, and 격산타우 where Guckkasten can be heard as well. A set of promotional videos have been released leading up to the release of the single and allkpop has gathered them all: Leessang reveal their wide celebrity network through unique promotional videos; Leessang drops more video teasers for their seventh album, “Asura Balbalta”; Leessang follows up with additional teasers for their upcoming album, “Asura Balbalta”

Another hip hop act with good ties to the rest of the Korean indie scene is Verbal Jint. Thanks to Koreaboo I found out that following his _go easy 0.5 in December, the full go easy album will be released on August 31. There’s a song called 좋아보여 featuring The Black Skirts, and other artists featured on the album include Lady Jane (어베일러) and Urban Zakapa‘s Cho Hyeon Ah (약속해 약속해 2012).

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