New digital singles, week 26

Some digital singles that weren’t on my radar when making that other posts about new releases this week:

June 29:
W & Whale  - 소녀 곡예사마이큐 - 이 순간 만이라도
There have been some hints on Twitter over the last few weeks, and now it’s confirmed – W&Whale are about to return with a new mini album! But first come digital single 소녀 곡예사 with a music video featuring clips from The Cat (고양이: 죽음을 보는 두 개의 눈), a horror movie that opens on July 7. Soompi offers more information: W&Whale Release “Girl Acrobat” MV for Horror Film.

Also via Twitter came a surprise from stylish pop guy My-Q, frequent collaborator of various well known indie artists, as he announced the release of CCM single 이 순간 만이라도. Whether the four songs on the release follow his usual style or are more in the vein of typical CCM I have yet to find out.

June 30:

A couple of months ago alternative metal band Schizo was tweeting something about work on a new melody. Now it seems like the melody in question would’ve been one of two songs on new single Insomnia, that comes with a B side track called OK OK.

Following the 2011 June edition, with a new month time has come for the release of Yoon Jong Shin‘s Monthly Project 2011 July, or 2011 月刊 尹鍾信 July. This time he’s been working togeter with electronica producer Postino on a track that goes under the title Shin’s Rhythm for 20 years with the subtitle Drive Summer with Shin’s Medley.

July 1?:

After 3.5 years of waiting Linus’ Blanket have finally revealed a song from the upcoming first full length album. The title is Show Me Love and according to one of the executive producers the digital single should be out this week.

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