Link roundup, week 40

Had a busy last week, but things are looking better now. Here are some links I should’ve posted sooner:

Violet Sweets shared news on upcoming releases from Guckkasten, Gate Flowers, and Oh Ji Eun and The Wolves: Short News Short

It appears a new album is in the works for cute electropop act Trampauline as well, since she recently wrote that she had just finished the demo for her second album.

Even closer to release is Casker‘s fifth full length album. The other day it was getting a second mastering and a release may be possible till October 20.

Jang Ki Ha & The Faces (장기하과 얼굴들)
In addition to some information on the upcoming releases from Chang Kiha & The Faces, Violet Sweets also offers some details on the recent changes in lineup: The present situation of Jang Gi Ha and The Faces

Electric Muse
Fine label Electric Muse too offered some more insight into some upcoming releases during last week. In November the ’70s group sound influenced Bihang Girl will release its debut EP, and some time during next year we can expect Big Baby Driver and Telefly to release their first albums; Atombook and Oyster Boys to release their second albums; and Dringe Augh to release his second EP.

Live Planet
After going out strong with Galaxy Express a couple of weeks ago, Live Planet has followed with more studio live music videos for The Freaks and Mongoose.

Via Omona They Didn’t! I came across a 10Asia interview with jazz pop band Winterplay:
[INTERVIEW] Fusion jazz band Winterplay – Part 1
[INTERVIEW] Fusion jazz band Winterplay – Part 2
The same interview has also been translated to Portuguese over at sarangingayo: [ENTREVISTA] Winterplay fala sobre carreira e como faz seu jazz

Yellow Monsters
wassereis has translated a really nice Daum interview with highly recommended pop punk/rock act Yellow Monsters, where we get to learn how this super band formed and where those heavy riffs come from: [Interview] Yellow Monsters (Daum Music)

크래쉬 (Crash) 6집 - The Paragon Of Animals
Chris Park found a variety of genres on the latest album from trash metal band Crash 크래쉬 (Crash) – The Paragon of Animals Review

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