New releases, week 30. Part 2

After writing half the post earlier this week, Hyang Music started acted up on me again and I couldn’t get to the information I needed to finish it. New attempt now with more added to the list: some new releases out the week that just passed:

July 27:
메이랜드 (Mayland) - Mayland백수와 조씨 - 난 슬플 땐 기타를 쳐... 음악과 당신만이 날 위로할 수 있거든
Indie pop project team Mayland has debuted with a self-titled EP. The team offers a light tone of music paired with the sweet vocals of Be Sweet. “Mayland” is their name of a “heart-warming” “music island”. Don’t miss the music video for 우연한 여행의 첫사랑!

Acoustic duo BS & Jo consists of singer/songwriter Becks and harmonica/percussionist guy Josh. The two have just self-released their first EP, 난 슬플 땐 기타를 쳐… 음악과 당신만이 날 위로할 수 있거든, on CD-R. Check out the short teaser here, and if you want to hear more check out the sampler teaser here.

July 28:
빅베이비드라이버 (Big Baby Driver) 1집 - Big Baby Driver이스턴 사이드 킥 (Eastern Side Kick) - 2nd EP
Big Baby Driver is another alias for SP, vocalist and main songwriter of Atombook. Although she’s been recording singer/songwriter tunes in the folk vein of Atombook under this name for many years already (she was one of the first Korean artists I found sharing demos online), the self-titled album that came this week is the first official release. Listen to four songs off the album through Electric Muse’s SoundCloud.

Five member strong rock band Eastern Side Kick EP debuted with the release of 흑백 만화 도시 last year and has now followed up with a second EP simply called Second EP Album. Earlier this year the band showcased EP track 무스탕 on Nylon Music TV and earlier this month the band got on EBS Space playing another EP song, 다소 낮음 for Hello Rookie.

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