Hyang Music Album Chart week 19

Hyang Music Album Chart
Hyang Music have now published all album sales charts for May. This one with plenty of new releases straight to the top 10.

Hyang Chart – 3rd week of May, 2011
1. Thomas CookJourney
2. AchimeHyperactivity
3. Dalmoon28
4. MongooseCosmic Dancer
5. Neon BunnySeoulight
6. MatePlay OST
7. BeastFiction and Fact
8. 10cm1.0
9. NuncoMurder’s High
10. Monni단 한번의 여행

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
49. Romantic CouchMy House Is Ur House
70. Soo Kyoung÷ (나누기)
75. Lips-biteEP.1
79. Unique-Shadow2nd

See the full top 100 list here.

아침 - HyperactivityIndie rock band Achime released new EP Hyperactivity on May 18. A teaser was released about a month ago and end of May the release concert took place in Seoul and of course some new songs were played: 02시 무지개 : 첫사랑 자전거 : Dissolve.

몽구스 (Mongoose) 4집 - Cosmic DancerFollowing four years of various solo projects and military service related activities, guitarless modern rock band Mongoose returned with fourth full length album Cosmic Dancer on May 19. It was produced by super star producer Hitchhiker, who has previously worked with names like Girl’s Generation, Brown Eyed Girl, and Rollercoaster. Hyang Music has a sample of the title track and you can check out the music video for 변해가네 on YouTube.

Female folk pop singer Soo Kyoung released first full length album ÷ (나누기) on May 19. Previous digital single tracks 부서진 바람 and 그 말을 해줘, released in March and April respectively, were both included on the album which also includes a song called 메타세콰이어 길 featuring Lee Han Choul. Soo Kyoung was one of the participants in the 21st Yoo Jae Ha singer/songwriter competition that took place last year.

유니크 쉐도우 (Unique-Shadow) - 2ndCasker influenced electronica maker Unique-Shadow returned with his second full length album on May 17. It includes A Walk, first released as a digital single on April 27, as well as a selection of tracks from his Branch Project and some brand new titles. Check out the music video for the “homme” (male) version of 빙글빙글 here – the track was featured on the Fermata album and part 2, the “femme” (female) version is included on the new album.

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