Mini-Interview with Pigibit5

I’ve been fond of Pigibit5 since first hearing the band’s debut EP and was quite excited upon learning that a full length album was on the way. Since finding my way to Pigibit5’s SoundCloud those new songs have been my main soundtrack at work and I decided it was finally time for me to find out more about the band. Yeol approved the suggestion for an interview and proceeded to provide some delightful answers:

How did Pigibit5 form?
Pigbit5 was formed by Park Yeol, Koung Heo and Taeok Kim who were the members of Pirigwa in 2008 summer after Pirigwa was disbanded. We started playing in clubs with the first demo EP since 2009 and there have been some changes on band members.

How do you want to describe the music of Pigibit5?
Well, many kinds of genres like folk, twee pop, chamber pop, hard rock and even noise music are mixed up in the music of Pigibit5. Kitsch might be the best short description. We also would like to put our music as crazy and stupid parody or pastiche of the music that passed through the youth.

What is Cherryboy Revolution?
We actually made this album with a certain concept. I (Park Yeol) used to work as a children’s book illustrator. In this time, I wanted to illustrate a sort of adult book which is basically about love stories, sexual fantasies and even vulgar jokes. But if you go deeper side of our music, you will meet pure and simple people who are crazy about 2D video clips and have no experience of relationship in the 3D world. Most of Pigibit5’s songs are interacting with each other and share a main theme. I took Cherryboy Revolution from a Japanese word meaning “virgin boys”. In Japan, there is a joke “the virgin boys until 25 years old get to know how to practice the black magic.” It would also be great as a title of an adult story book, I think.

Why did you decide to cover Theme of Yoroshiku Kamen?
The reason is because the original version is totally awesome! That is the first song Pigibit5 played together. Usuta Kyosuke is kind of my life-time mentor. I learned “Follow the guidelines not that you can show other people, but that you really want to do from your deep heart” from his pieces. I’d like to thank him with this album. He could listen to this album. Who would know?

피기비츠 (Pigibit5) - Cherryboy Revolution (뱃지증정)Pigibit5’s first full length album, Cherryboy Revolution, was released through Beatball on May 26. All songs from the album and some tracks more can be streamed in full via SoundCloud. For more, check out the official YouTube account or visit MySpace to stream the self-titled 2009 debut EP.

If you care to check out Pirigwa, Indieful ROK still offers a couple of downloads (courtesy of Beatball Record) in the Korean twee pop introduction post.

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