Upcoming May releases

Continuing from yesterday with upcoming releases and musical efforts to help Japan, here are a few releases expected to show up some time around May.

Chinese label Handshake Records is planning to release a compilation called Light For Japan in May. According to Electric Muse a new version of Vidulgi OoyoO‘s 너의 눈으로 나를 본다 will be included.

According to Beatball a remastered version of Seoul Electric Band‘s second full length album, Life is Strange, with three bonus tracks as well as a solo EP from Seoul Electric Band’s Shin Yun Cheol will both be out on May 17.

Pigibit 5 Cherryboy Revolution poster
Also via Beatball, also planned for May is a new EP from twee pop act Pigibit5 with the title Cherryboy Revolution. The songs from the self-titled debut EP are all there and via the official YouTube account some songs are available for sampling in live versions:
1. Beauty Tamura theme part 1 : part 2
4. Nancy
9. Speedoguy #1
10. Theme of Yoroshiku Kamen (from Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san)

And though I have no proof to back my claim I think Country Girl may be second EP track Country song.

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