Hyang Music Album Chart week 14

Hyang Music Album Chart
Another chart before I move on to something else.

Hyang Chart – 2nd week of April, 2011
1. RadioheadThe King of Limbs
2. Neon BunnySeoulight
3. National Pigeon UnityRoot
4. 10cm1.0
5. Look & Listen/The FreaksWake Up/꿈이냐
6. Savina & DronesGayo
7. Mimi Sisters미안하지만… 이건 전설이 될 거야
8. StrokesAngles
9. Lucite TokkiSelf
10. HibriaBlind Ride

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
38. No BrainHigh Tension
61. Living Stone DaisySecret
77. Dal:2da이다
80. FreamReminiscense
82. IncenseBurn Incense
84. Rocket Tree아름다운 계절

See the full top 100 list here.

리빙스톤데이지 (Living Stone Daisy) 1집 - SecretFour member rock band Living Stone Daisy released debut EP Secret on February 23. The title track has a catchy indie rock sound with something of a synth/new wave infusion whereas the rest of the release (그리며; 널 기억하는 일; Wedding March) share something of a rock ballad sound.

로켓 트리 (Rocket Tree) 1집 - 아름다운 계절Rocket Tree is a new five member band from Luova Factory marketed as having a sound in the genre “healing music”. The first full length album, 아름다운 계절, was released on April 5 and included both songs from the Rocket Tri5 digital single released in January. To get an idea of what healing music sounds like, check out this performance of 달빛 아래

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