Chocolate Music series x 2

에스프레소 - 초콜릿뮤직 3주년 기획앨범 - Spring Day Part.1봄 - 초콜릿뮤직 3주년 기획앨범 - Spring Day Part.2스윈 - 초콜릿뮤직 3주년 기획앨범 - Spring Day Part.3이매지너리 - 초콜릿뮤직 3주년 기획앨범 - Spring Day Part.4
Small label Chocolate Music is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this year and it has been doing so by releasing a series of digital Spring Day singles. So far four parts have been released, starting with Part 1 on April 1, where Espresso offered a song called 봄이 오면. Part 2 followed on April 8 with the release of Bom‘s self-titled track, 봄. On April 22 came Part 3 with SWin‘s I’m Born Again. The first three parts all had both original and instrumental versions whereas Part 4, released May 2, came only with the new age style piano piece Blue Sky from Imaginary.

스윈 - 초콜릿 뮤직 미니앨범 시리즈 1에스프레소 - 초콜릿 뮤직 미니앨범 시리즈 2디피 - 초콜릿 뮤직 미니앨범 시리즈 3노크 - 초콜릿 뮤직 미니앨범 시리즈 4
Before launching the Spring Day series, Chocolate Music had just concluded a 4 part digital mini album series. It had started with some R&B style music from SWin on February 1; was followed by some more ballad style music from Espresso on February 14 including 3 tracks from the 2009 EP debut Grown Up; exactly a month later, March 14, DP with the help of fellow label artists such as Knock and Sunsky put out some laidback music; and finally on March 28 Knock came forth with some more ballad style music of his own.

Chocolate Music - Label Album
On April 15 all four mini album from the Chocolate Music Mini Album Series, instrumental tracks excluded, got a CD release. Hyang Music offers one brief sample for each of the original releases.

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