Upcoming releases: La Boheme; Zingo; Lucite Tokki; Mimi Sisters

I recently had a look at Hyang Music’s pre-order section and found a number of interesting releases coming out this week.

March 15:

The self-titled single release from seven member girl R&B/funk rock band Hit the Nine mentioned previously will also get a CD release.

March 16:
라보엠(La boheme) 1집 - 눈부신 고백징고 - Secret Party
Soundholic Entertainment put out popera duo La Bohéme‘s seven track album debut 눈부신 고백 as a digital release on March 4, but starting Wednesday it will also be available on CD. It features multi-instrumentalist Hareem on a track called 그집앞 and has Kim Hyun Min, who has previously lent her vocals to Peppertones sing to one song called 달려간다 and another called Oh! You. A music video should be available for the title track, but all I could find on YouTube was this teaser vid.

Another release from Soundholic that too will be available on CD starting Wednesday. Super Kidd vocalist Zingo released an EP called Secret Party on March 11. Main track 그 사람 goes in a 70s-80s style, but I couldn’t quite make out what the other three songs could sound like. TJ of Hachi & TJ and Ukulele Picnic is featured on a track called 같이가요 하와이.

March 17:
루사이트 토끼 (Lucite Tokki) - Self
Cute pop duo Lucite Tokki appear to have changed labels to Old Fish‘s MagicStrawberry sound. The first release under the new management is a three track single called Self, and it seems I’m Here is to be regarded as a demo version of the title track for the upcoming third full length album.
Update March 15: GO trailer

March 18:

After much waiting the MiMi Sisters of Chang Kiha & The Faces fame will finally release their debut EP. Aiming for a 60-70s psychedelic sound the girls have worked with an expert in the area with Kim Chang Wan – the leading Sanullim brother – featured on a track called 다이너마이트 소녀. Also featured on the EP are blues rock band Lowdown 30 (대답해주오), the once groundbreaking punk band Crying Nut (미미), and Shin Jung Hyun descendants Seoul Electric Band. Check out the EP teaser here.

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