Turn It Up To 11 on DVD

 반드시 크게 들을 것 Turn It Up to 11 (2009)
Rockumentary Turn It Up To 11 (반드시 크게 들을 것) got a DVD release on March 15. Unfortunately there is only Korean subtitles, but I have a feeling it might make for good entertainment anyway as it follows punkabilly band Galaxy Express and the now defunct Tobacco Juice. Also seen in the movie are Apollo 18, The Black Skirts, and The Moonshiners.

If you have access to DramaFever you can stream the movie with English subtitles before deciding whether to pick up the DVD or not.

4 Comments Turn It Up To 11 on DVD

  1. Lorne

    Where did you get the idea that Galaxy Express was “punkabilly” — they are straight up garage rock (or proto-punk if you like)? And when did Tobacco Juice break up?

  2. helikoppter

    Punkabilly was used by Galaxy Express to describe themselves around the time when this documentary was filmed, but to be honest I don’t really know what differs it from rock’n’roll myself. I just like to vary the way I describe bands a bit…

    As for Tobacco Juice, that they were breaking up was news on Twitter early last week. In yesterday’s episode of Indie Afternoon it was said that they thought of being in a band as being lovers with fights and all but now the time had come to move on.

  3. Lorne

    Well, I haven’t seen the film yet, so I’ll look forward to that, but I am really surprised they would label themselves with that. Will ask them when they get back. As for Tobacco Juice, that is a shame, one of my favourite bands to listen to… do you know if the brothers are going to move on to a new project?


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