Romantic Couch bring back 80s sex symbol

로맨틱 카우치 - Like A Virgin
On March 29 house duo Romantic Couch is releasing a digital single called Like A Virgin. It was given special attention on allkpop as the music video (but it would seem not the song itself) features 80s star Kim Wan Sun, “the first dancing queen of Korea” perhaps best remembered for songs such as 오늘밤, 리듬 속의 그 춤을, 기분 좋은 날, and 삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지: Romantic Couch & Kim Wan Sun release MV teaser for “Like A Virgin”.

The title track has been co-produced by 90s techno guy saintbinary, who like Romantic Couch’s own Junjaman has been working with Brown Eyed Girls. Check out the full music video here. Also on the single is a 80s style synth pop tune called Heart.

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