Saint Binary composes for Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls - My Style
I don’t really keep up with the actual kpop part of Korean music and, save for a few old favorites, in all honesty I don’t really care what goes on there either. But every now and then I find a reason to look up one of those artists anyway. Like when Singing with the Piano posted on Brown Eyed Girl’s second mini album, My Style (released on September 19), and I spotted “Saintbinary” in the album info while scrolling down.

Through maniadb I found that the reason why this techno guy was mentioned was that he had composed and arranged the first track on the album, YOU. A sneak peek at the girls when performing this song and I quite like it. That other song, 어쩌다, reminds me an awful lot of Wonder Girls though – or is that just what girl groups are supposed to sound like now?

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