(Bi-)Weekly Review Roundup, week 8-9

My attempt at making weekly review roundups failed pretty soon as I couldn’t get around to follow up the first post in time. Let’s see how I’ll do from now on, but for now here’s a bunch of album and song reviews from the last two weeks:

박준혁 2집 - Human Life
It’s been almost three years since the release of modern rock guy Park Joon Hyuk‘s but on March 3 he returned with his second full length album, Human Life. Some friends of his promoted it before release and now fans can check out the music video for Control. Some already did:
In France: Park Joon Hyuk – Human Life
In Finland: Park Joon Hyuk (박준혁) – 강아지 + Park Joon Hyuk – Control

반해상 - Dolls For Sale피콕 그린(Peacock Green) - Peacock Green
On January 19 singer/songwriter Ban He Sang followed his 2009 effort Ghost Effort with a single called Dolls For Sale. Kamala-Chan found the former il-mare member’s most recent sound circus-y but enjoyable: K-RoK Song of the Day: Ban He-Sang – Dolls For Sale

Indie rock band Peacock Green released a self-titled EP on February 25. Henna was impressed by the melodic and melancholic sound the three members has accomplished: Peacock Green – Mary Jane

For a more commercial sound:
더 헬로우 - 너란 사람핸섬피플 - 쉘 위 댄스 (Shall We Dance)
The Hello project from former Rumble Fish guitarist Kim Seung Keun returned with a second single on February 24. The title was 너란 사람 and the title track features Yery Band. Bump This has given the music video a look: First Listen: Group The Hello Feat. 예리밴드 Release “너란 사람”

Fluxus has a new trio called Handsome People, fronted by ballad singer Tei. On March 3 they released a 1 track digital single called Shall We Dance, that YAM Magazine has given a listen: Handsome People – Shall We Dance

404포 - Burnout
Chris Park of wakesidevision has been spending a bit of time looking up Korean bands on Bandcamp. While doing so he came across experimental act 404 whose untitled EP is available for free download, released in October 2009: 404 – Untitled Review

Female fronted indie rock trio Poe released its first digital EP, Burnout, on January 14 2010. Although knowing the name I hadn’t listened to them myself until reading the wakesidevision review, I very much liked what I could find on YouTube: Poe – Burnout Review

10센치 (10cm) 1집 - 1.0있다 (Itta) - 11
And a couple of reviews more from the same source:
10cm – 1.0 Review
Itta – 11 Review

백현진 1집 - 반성의 시간Julia Hart (줄리아 하트) 4집 - Hot Music
Over the last couple of weeks refresh_daemon has displayed both enthusiasm over an artist that has grown on him and a bit of disappointment in an artist that didn’t live up to the full potential:
Inbox: 백현진 – 반성의 시간
Inbox: deb – Parallel Moons
Inbox: Julia Hart – Hot Music

Birdy Bitz Alien - Virtual Reality
Although I said I wouldn’t be posting more song reviews from Soulvirtue, at least not when the songs introduced are all from albums previously mentioned on this blog, but I’m always too happy seeing Jelly Boy‘s space travel alias Birdy Bitz Alien get a bit of attention: My Top 3 weekly artists – Birdy Bitz Alien, Yoon Sang (윤상) & BIG BANG

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