Apollo 18’s US tour promo album

Apollo 18 - Apollo 18
Attendees of Apollo 18‘s fundraiser show yesterday all got a special Apollo 18 US tour album with the ticket, an album that will also be used to promoted the album on the tour in question.

This is the tracklist (click title to check out the songs on YouTube – full playlist here):
1. Warm
2. End
3. Discharge
4. Emit
5. Time
6. High Stepper [EBS Space]
7. Discusting [EBS Space]
8. Iridescent Clouds [MV]
9. Magnolia [EBS Space]
10. Orbis [MV]
11. Manic Depressive
12. Trampoline
13. FTL
14. Song A
15. Lygerastia

Fans will note that all songs are from the previously released color triology (1-5 from Red, 6-13 from Blue, 14-15 from Violet), however the band does plan to get to writing and recording some new material once back in Korea after the tour. Hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy some new Apollo 18 material on record by this summer.

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