Hyang Music Album Chart week 4

Hyang Music Album Chart
As promised, here’s the latest album sales chart published by Hyang Music.

Hyang Chart – 4th week of January, 2011
1. Various ArtistsSave The Air: Green Concert
2. Broccoli, you too?졸업
3. 10cmThe First EP
4. GuckkastenTagträume
5. Vodka RainFaint
6. Autumn Vacation가을방학
7. Jieun and The Wolves오지은과 늑대들
8. Sister’s Barbershop비둘기는 하늘의 쥐
9. Sister’s Barbershop – 후일담
10. D.O.TCandid Breath

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
67. runaway9oose취미입니다
69. LasToast기분탓이겠지
72. The Black Skirts201 (special edition)
73. Bamseom Pirates서울불바다
75. Lee Seung Joo그런 사람으로
93. Bulnabang Star Sossage Club고질적 신파

See the full top 100 list here.

언니네 이발관 2집 - 후일담언니네 이발관 1집 - 비둘기는 하늘의 쥐The first two full length albums from one of Korea’s most significant indie acts, Sister’s Barbershop, were reissued by Stonage Record in January. The two albums were first released in 1996 and 1999 respectively, both filled with a fantastic modern rock sound typical for that era.

집나온 거위 1집 - 취미입니다Lo-fi electronica act (hobby project?) runaway9oose’s self-released first full length album 취미입니다 on December 7. Both 마음병동 and 교환환불불가 can be downloaded from SoundCloud, and Hyang Music offers a couple of short samples more.

마지막 토스트 (LASTOAST/Last Toast) - 기분탓이겠지LasToast revives some of that aforementioned modern rock sound of Korean indie in the late 90s, early 00s. On January 27 the band’s first EP, 기분탓이겠지, was released. Visit the official blog to sample 로봇즈/로봇 Z.

밤섬해적단 - 서울불바다Noisy left-wing punk rockers Bamseom Pirates self-released an impressive 42 track strong album called 서울불바다 on July 10 last year. Hyang Music offers a few samples and there’s plenty of live material on YouTube, including some recandplay.net vids, for anyone to see if you want to check out their music.

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