Seoulsonic North American dates confirmed

Seoulsonic (teaser poster)
Today DFSB Kollective sent out a press releaseannouncing the schedule for its Seoulsonic North America tour. The tour, which is focused around Galaxy Express, Idiotape, and Vidulgi OoyoO, has been confirmed for the following locations:

March 9-12: Toronto, Ontario @ Canadian Music Week (CMW)
March 16-20: Austin, Texas @ South By Southwest (SXSW)
March 24: New York City @ The Knitting Factory Brooklyn
March 31: San Diego @ The Tin Can
April 2: Los Angeles @ The Roxy Theatre

The New York date also offers a chance to catch both Kite Operations and Big Phony in action.

Korea Times has published a related article that is well worth a read: [Weekender] Korean indie bands to rock North America. It has DFSB’s Bernie Cho talking about the thought behind Seoulsonic, but also mentions EE and contains excerpts from an interview with all three guys of Apollo 18. And Song Kyoung-kun of Gong Myoung, that played SXSW last year, gets to share a few of his experiences as well.

3 Comments Seoulsonic North American dates confirmed

  1. Kaz

    I’m going to the TO show, but sadly I’ll only be able to catch Galaxy Express and part of Idiotape as the last bus home is at 12:30. Although I really want to see Vidulgi OoyooO, so I might just catch the 1:30 train instead haha~ They’re playing in Koreatown so hopefully the turnout will be good.

  2. helikoppter

    @refresh_daemon I’d be taking the day off it meant I got a chance to see these people play a show so close to home!

    @kaz You cannot miss Vidulgi OoyoO! I had found them so-so on album and didn’t quite get the hype, but when I actually saw them live they were stunning, doing the shoegaze drone thing better than anybody I’ve ever seen doing it before. It was such a marvelous time I could’ve stayed in that moment for many hours without getting enough of it.


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