Apollo 18 fundraiser show

In the land of the morning calm, Saturday February 26 has already begun. As the evening nears, a group of very lucky people at Live Club Ssam will get to experience a live show with performances from some of Korea’s very best. If You are in Seoul You can be one of those lucky people. And while spending a mere 20,000 won on the ticket to what one of the stars of the evening promised would be “a really great night” you will also get a special CD with some of the best songs from the world’s best rock band. And as if that wasn’t enough – treating yourself to such fantastic aural pleasure – those 20,000 will also be of great help to the band in question as they take their music to the US.

The video above will give you a taste of what’s to be expected. 10 Magazine wrote about it yesterday: 2/26 Apollo 18 Fundraiser Concert and March US Tour. Korea Gig Guide offers more details on the fundraiser show as well as what the funds will be used towards: Help A Local Indie Make Strides Abroad

If you are not in Seoul but still wish to do a little something to support Apollo 18 in their endeavors to bring their music out to the rest of the world, trying building a bit of buzz by telling The Guardian why they should keep their eyes and ears open for Apollo 18: Nominate your favourite artists at SXSW 2011

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