Link roundup: artist interviews, profiles and more

Wanna find out about some more artists worthy of attention or just looking for a bit of weekend reading? Here’s a collection of links I didn’t get around to posting sooner.

Recently Kamala-Chan launched a new weekly feature that goes under the name “Wonder-Girl Wednesdays” over at K-RoK Rocks!!!
She started with Storyseller, that was my own favorite girl rock band back when they were still known as Bloody Cookie, and this week the Wednesday was dedicated to the bassist of industrial metal band Schizo:
Wonder-Girl Wednesdays: Story Seller
Wonder-Girl Wednesdays: Spicy Soda
Wonder-Girl Wednesdays: Schizo
Last week Kamala-Chan also made an attempt at introducing the artists making videos with, whose YouTube channel offers an abundance of lovely videos: Indie Spotlight:

송희란 - 이해할 수 없는
I have since long lost track of all “Hongdae <something>” out there, but apparently there is now one more Goddess: Hongdae Goddess’ 송희란 (Song Hee Ran). Having sung songs for various dramas at least since 2007, Song Hee Ran released her first digital single, 이해할 수 없는, on December 14.

파니핑크 1집 - Mr. Romance
Last week somebody over at Live Journal community Omona They Didn’t decided to introduce its members to lovely indie pop/soft electronic act Fanny Fink: OMTND Featured Artist: Fanny Fink. A few days later Chris Park put forth the band’s debut album as something indie music listeners need to hear: 파니핑크 (Fanny Fink) – Mr Romance Review

MTV Iggy
A while ago MTV Iggy posted a small feature on EE, Indieful ROK’s favorite electronic duo: The Arty Electro Pop Of Seoul’s EE

Luminosity -  Blog for Underrateds
These are all one or even a few months old, but since I didn’t get around to posting them sooner. Mardi continues to profile underrated artists over at Luminosity:
[Profile] D.O.T
[Profile] Every Single Day
[Profile]Vanilla Acoustic

A few days ago the same Mardi gave a bit of attention to female singer/songwriter BeSweet over at Soompi: Under The Radar – Be Sweet

This too is fairly dated by now, but well worth a look anyway if you didn’t see it already. Oh Deary Me performed a video interview with Bamseom Pirates back in September: Bamseom Pirates: South Korea

Another video interview, one of Korea’s original modern rock acts My Aunt Mary on Lee Hana’s Peppermint, was translated to English by wassereis not too long ago.

In addition to Korean musicians, the music scene in Korea also offer a fair bunch of interesting expat bands. On Sparrow Hills were interviewed for Groove Korea at the end of last year: On Sparrow Hills. Status posed a few questions for Sighborgh fairly recently: Synced Up With Sighborg.

And last but not least, for an exercise in French here’s an introduction to Huckleberry Finn: Huckleberry Finn

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