W&Whale and 3rd Line Butterfly live in studio

As was noted end of November, 3rd Line Butterfly headed to London in December to record for The Monocole Winter Series. Their episode is scheduled to air at 12PM (CET) today, January 7, and will be made available for free download.

As it happens, W&Whale too went through the same process and had their show made public on December 24. London Korean Links wrote about it here: W&Whale and 3rd Line Butterfly in Monocle podcasts

The W&Whale episode was called K-pop meets philosophy and can be downloaded either from the Monocle site or via iTunes. In addition to a brief interview with Whale you’ll also get to hear Whale Song, Stardust, 오빠가 돌아왔다, R.P.G. Shine and Jing Bell Rock performed live in the studio.

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