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Kite Operations - 2010​.​05​.​10 (live)Bridget and the Puppycats - The Puppycats EP
2011 has barely gotten started, but already the new year has some new music to offer! Since January 4 free jazz/noise rock band Kite Operations offers a live album as a free download on bandcamp: 2010​.​05​.​10 (live).

Bridget Martin too has a bandcamp account, and as of January 1 it is possible to buy Bridget and the Puppycats‘ EP with some lovely folksy music from there: The Puppycats EP.

Arne von Brill - The Conundrum of Sheldon Whipstock Back's Back
And I’ve been pretty bad with keeping up with what other people post on the Indieful ROK Facebook page (I wish Facebook would offer some sort of notification for pages too, but unfortunately there are none right now) but having a quick look today I realized that rock band Arne von Brill put out a new EP, The Conundrum of Sheldon Whipstock Back’s Back, in November. Their Chairs Up! EP had high repeat potential and they same may well apply to this more recent offering.

Thanks to that Facebook page I also learned that Oliver Philphott, formerly one half of Electric Fan Death, has recorded a couple of indie rock tunes on his own and offer them for free on SoundCloud.

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  1. Kaz

    Lately I have been really into finding free downalods posted by bands, and I was actually about to visit bandcamp today to see if there was anything new to try. =P
    And I’m really glad to see so many updates lately; I have a hard time keeping up with non-mainstream Korean music and this blog has been a blessing~ Now I just have to find a Chinese equivalent…


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