Moonlight Nymph and compensation for indie musicians

At the very beginning of November last year news came that “Moonlight Nymph in critical state with cerebral hemorrhage“. A few days later it was followed by “Moonlight Nymph Deceased“. Today Korea Gig Guide reports that more than 100 bands will play in his honor this Thursday: 23 Hongdae Clubs Unite to Remember Lee Jinwon.

As pointed out by Mark Russell in that post his death prompted an article in the Hankyoreh about the poor conditions under which most indie musicians sell their music: Indie musicians struggle financially as profits and distribution remain paltry. Mark Russell himself followed the article in question with his own comments: Something’s Off About Online Music.

This highly recommended December Yonhap article from Niels Footman too covers the same issue: (Yonhap Feature) Hardships of being an indie musician in Korea.

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