Korean Music Awards 2011 nominees

Korean Music Awards 한국대중음악산 2011
I was gonna start this post by saying that although the nominees for this year’s Korean Music Awards were announced January 25, as usual the KMA site has yet to be updated but as it turns out there has just been a change in address to spell out the full name… Anyhow, bo-da has compiled the full list of nominees in an easy to read format, and for those that prefer a little less hangul and translated titles Kamala-Chan offers most of the categories over at K-RoK Rocks: Korean Music Awards Nominations

In addition to translating all the genre category nominees, Kamala-Chan also put together posts gathering all nominated songs for most of the song categories:
Korean Music Awards Best Rock Song Nominees
Korean Music Awards Best Modern Rock Song Nominees
Korean Music Awards Best “Pop” Song Nominees
Korean Music Awards Best Dance & Electronic Song Nominees
Korean Music Awards Best Hip-Hop Song Nominees
Korean Music Awards Best R&B Song Nominees

A few news articles concerning the awards have turned up on allkpop:
“2011 Korean Pop Music Awards” committee reveals why SNSD and KARA weren’t nominated
Broccoli, You Too nominated the most times in 2011 Korean Music Awards

9와 숫자들 - 9와 숫자들가리온 2집 - 가리온2Youn Sun Nah - Same Girl브로콜리 너마저 2집 - 졸업진보 - Afterwork크래쉬 (Crash) 6집 - The Paragon Of Animals
After the jump you’ll find the nominees in all main categories.

Album of the Year
9 and The Numbers9와 숫자들
GarionGarion 2
Youn Sun NahSame Girl
Broccoli, you too? – 졸업
CrashThe Paragon of Animals

Song of the Year
9 and The Numbers – 말해주세요 [TV live]
Garion feat. Nuck – 영순위 [live]
Hot Potato – 고백 [MV]
Broccoli, you too? – 졸업 [studio live]
miss ABad Girl Good Girl [MV]

Musician of the Year
Galaxy Express
Youn Sun Nah
Broccoli, you too?
Choi Yi Chul, Ohm In Ho, Ju Chan Kweun (Super Session)

Rookie of the Year
Gate Flowers
The Koxx
TV Yellow

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