Last ever Club Day to take place this January

Club Day
Today Mark Russell shared the news on Korea Gig Guide that after this Friday Club Day is no more: Annyeong, Club Day.

For the last 10 years Club Day has been a monthly happening in Hongdae – usually taking place on the last Friday of every month – and it has offered an opportunity to check out many different bands in different venues on one evening paying just one ticket. Kinda like an awesome mini festival every month. Though after merely dreaming of going for several years, when I did finally make it (as reported here; I also made it there a couple of months later but only for half an hour) I realized it was more along the lines of what was later put into words at Daejeon Access: Club Day in Hong-Dae: Kinda cool in theory, kinda stupid in practice (link currently down)

Still, should you happen to be in Seoul this Friday, January 28, and you have yet to experience a club day, do give it a go! Perhaps it’ll be a fantastic night out, and if not it might at least provide some ideas on how to make something even better to follow in its footsteps.

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