Indieful ROK 3rd Anniversary Thank Yous

A year goes by so quickly It’s January 10 and Indieful ROK is celebrating its 3rd anniversary! I’ve had a marvelous year and most of it can be attributed to this blog. I’m so very grateful for all you wonderful people reading and commenting, or contributing to the existence of Indieful ROK in some other way.

This year I feel like I also need to direct thank yous to some select persons I’ve come to know through Indieful ROK. To Janet that did a great job with the videophile, who for personal reasons no longer frequents this blog but still has remained a most valuable friend. To wassereis for being the best possible company for a most memorable week in February. To Widhi for always being so supportive and positive, not to mention for her comprehensive Indonesian indie lessons. And last but not least to Shawn Despres of Korea Gig Guide, that not only offers a very nice company in himself but thanks to whom I both directly and indirectly have gotten to meet so many of the musicians I admire.

While I remain proud to keep Indieful ROK as a member of international music blog initiative Music Alliance Pact, I’m very happy for Indieful ROK to also have been invited to be a part of Korean blog community Nanoomi. Thanks to Nanoomi I’ve had a chance to meet some of my favorite bloggers, including Matt whose appreciation for Bluedawn and many years ago provided some influence to my own exploration of Korean music. (And I also finally got to meet Philip in person, though that’s unrelated)

I could go on for much longer but should try to keep it short. Thank you for putting up with me in spite of the many unplanned hiatuses the past year had to offer. Thank you for visiting, subscribing, following on Twitter, being a fan on Facebook, and being a member of the group – showing me that there’s more for me to do. As Indieful ROK enters into its fourth year of existence I hope to not only be able to find time to keep doing what I’ve been doing so far, but to finally get the time to take care of some items on that long list of other things to do for the blog I hope you’ll enjoy.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for this information
    Sad news because I like this artist (rescue jane) …

    Out of curiosity, did you intend to do an article on the group 메이크 (Make)?

    My English is not very good, I hope you get to understand me.


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