Indieful ROK, 2 years

Did you ever notice how it says “since January 2008” in the header here at Indieful ROK? Well, it’s January now and today – the 10th – it’s been exactly 2 years since was created and got its first two dummy posts. At that time it was only open to orienkorean and myself, but a week or so later it became public (dummy posts removed) and by February real posts were showing up with some continuity.

I don’t usually care much for anniversaries, but mainly thanks to Indieful ROK so much of the past year has been great and I thought it’d be a shame to miss this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you so much for reading, whether while visiting or through the feed. Thank you so much for the comments – it means a lot to me even though I don’t always get around to answer them. Thank you so much for the emails, whatever the subject. Thank you so much for linking this blog and for telling your friends about it. Thank you so much for providing answers to interview questions, and for letting me take part in making your wonderful music known to others.

It was only last year that I finally made it to Korea – after more than a decade of dreaming about it, it turned out to be even more fantastic than I could’ve ever imagined. And it was all thanks to the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know through this blog – please know that I think about you often with the uttermost gratitude.

For the future there is so much I’d like to do with this blog and beyond, but unfortunately only so little time. One thing in particular I hope to do this year is bring you more approved downloads. It is my firm belief that handing out a bit of music for free every now and then is the easiest way for artists to reach an international audience, and I’m driven by the selfish incentive to maybe one day not have to travel halfway across the globe to catch my favorite artists live. Of course I cannot achieve that on my own, but I hear there’s a music blog with a bit of a Korean focus in the works and I’m convinced there are many other blogs out there that would be happy to feature a bit of high quality music from Korea every now and then if they only knew it was possible.

Thank you, for being a part of my life if even just by making the visitors count increase by 1 every other week. I hope you will still find a reason to come back as Indieful ROK enters into its third year of existence.

5 Comments Indieful ROK, 2 years

  1. refresh_daemon

    Thanks for two great years! It’s surprising to think that so much time has gone by. Indieful ROK has been an incredible resource, even for a Korean literate reader like myself.

  2. Oli

    What a great, interesting and generally cool site you’ve given us. Thank you, thank you and congratulations on two years of being so super.


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