First album from 10cm coming soon

10cm 1집 발매기념 콘서트
Acoustic duo 10cm has gotten another shower of attention recently, as they prepare to release their first album. I have yet to find any information on the album itself, but the album release party concert will be held on February 12 so it should only be a month before it’s out.

10cm recently took home Mint Paper‘s Rookie Of The Year award, something that was noted by KOCCA: Korean Music: Korean Indie Band – 10cm.

1 Comment First album from 10cm coming soon

  1. wassereis

    well, I can’t find a release date either (but they definitely have to make one or they’ll probably will push it off to nowhere lol) but mintpaper says that the 3 songs ‘Hey Billy’, ‘사랑은 은하수다방에서’ and ‘Beautiful Moon’ are supposed to be on it (_ _)a


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