Bugs Indie Music Chart week 2

Bugs indi music chart
Catching up some more on the Bugs indie charts posting. Here’s the second week of 2011.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – January 15, 2011
1. Sweet Salt – 그게 사랑 [live version MV]
2. Yozoh – 우리는 선처럼 가만히 누워 (feat. Lee Sang Soon) [MV]
3. Broccoli, you too? – 사랑한다는 말로도 위로가 되지 않는 [@ Sketchbook]
4. Sweet Salt – 오후에야 [@ Club Auteur]
5. Autumn Vacation – 가끔 미치도록 네가 안고 싶어질 때가 있어 [@ KBS Changgo]
6. 10cm – 아메리카노 [recandplay.net]
7. 10cm – 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요 [MV]
8. Broccoli, you too? – 졸업 [@ On Stage]
9. Guckkasten – 붉은 밭 [@ EBS Space]
10. NoraQuizas (vocal by AshGray.H.K.)

The new additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
86. Sweet Salt – 다시 너의 [live]
94. Vodka Rain -보고싶어

See the full top 100 list here.

보드카 레인 3집 - FaintOn November 9 soft rock band Vodka Rain returned with third full length album Faint. The album holds 11 tracks, including 그 어떤 말로도 where model/singer-songwriter Jang Yoon Ju has been featured. Two of the songs have gotten music videos: 지워지지 않을 것 같아 and Moment.

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